A Plus Healthcare  LLC 

Resource for Great Healthcare staffing

A Plus Healthcare  has very strict employment screening

All A Plus Healthcare associates must successfully pass specific screening requirements before they will be placed with any client. These requirements include:

  • Minimum of three reference checks.
  • Positive employment history with a proven record of above average job length.
  • Skills testing /Continue Education
  • Resume.
  • 12 Panel Drug testing 
  •  Washington State Patrol  Background
  • Criminal History Search and Finger printing
  • National Social Security Search
  • Multi-State Sex Offender Search
  • Education Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • State Motor Vehicle History ( If driving for company business )
  • Professional License Verification  with no actions against them
  • Civil Court Records Check
  • Worker’s Compensation Records Check
  • OBRA Check
  • SAM search
  • OIG exclusion Database

All A Plus Healthcare Staffing  associates are extensively screened.